Thursday, December 30, 2010

364 / 365: Partners

Two whole weeks together. They have fought, hugged, fought again, read to each other, argued, played together, beat each other up, walked arm-in-arm in the store, bickered over video games, etc.

Did I say they fought?

This was a long stretch for these two. During the school day, they have a buffer of being in different classrooms. Vacation? Not so much. Thus, when they are together, they have to be separated and when they are apart, they want to be together.

Today, they ganged up on mom and dad, leaving us with no choice but to give them time outs and threaten to "Return Christmas". This squelched their boorish behavior and they managed to redeem themselves through good public behavior and patience as hubby and I did some grocery shopping.

While I hope they stay close, I do hope they don't become crime!

Until next time....fight away!

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