Tuesday, December 28, 2010

362 / 365: A Spectacular Stuff n Fluff!!

The boys and I spend an afternoon at the B Ranch. A fun time was had by all!!

It all evolved in a matter of days. To clean out my inventory, I posted a "clearance sale" on my FB page. LB offered to have an actual "Stuff n Fluff" party at her house, sending out invites via FB. By the end of today's event, I sold 30 bears and all my accessories.

While the afternoon was indeed profitable, more important "stuff" happened. I got to see many of my former colleagues. We were able to talk about work in short, sometime comedic spurts. I was able to see their children, many my former students, and trying to figure out how they grew up so fast, so smart, and so beautiful, when I haven't aged a bit..... JOR and SRR got out of the house and played with kindred spirits both young and old. If all the children's energy was harnessed, the B ranch would have power for at least eight months!! It was amazing chaos!

Until next time....stuff away!

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