Monday, November 16, 2009

What a wonderful world....

Eight years ago, I thought I had it all: a great, new husband, a fun job, wonderfully supportive friends and family, and then......I was blessed with an angel!!

JRR came to us at a time when the world was confused, angry, sad and scared. While I was mourning the losses of 9/11, I was also questioning the world that was here to meet him. I wasn't sure what it had in store for my newborn. Would he live long enough to see peace and justice? Would he see people love and respect each other? Would he see a wonderful world?

Fast forward eight years. My little man, my little OLD man, has made an impact on his world far beyond my wildest imagination. Not only has he seen peace and justice, but he can articulate rhyme and reason behind such causes as "quiet cups" for safety in the cafeteria, anti-smoking in this day and age of "health care reform" (his words), and eating right and exercising to stay healthy. Not only has he seen love and respect for others, he has demonstrated it freely, without provocation. Serving drinks at a dinner for the homeless, getting my friend a glass of water while she suffered through a coughing spell, befriending a classmate who is known to make bad choices. Not only has he seen a wonderful world through his big brown eyes, he has made one as well. JRR's love of others and of the earth at this tender young age is beyond my comprehension. (I know when I was his age, I was busy blowing up GI Joe's with my brothers!) He can walk the walk, talk the talk and beautifully sing the song without fail!

I am proud and honored to be JRR's mom. While I don't know exactly what I did to earn such a beautiful soul, I am thankful for every minute and every day I have him. Gratitude. Isn't that what a wonderful world is all about?

JRR, thanks for making this such a wonderful world. I LOVE YOU, SNICKERDOODLE!!!