Monday, December 29, 2008

Holidays are Happy-days....but then what?

Guilty as charged! I had a wonderful Christmas! A spiritual Christmas Eve, playing Mass (decently I may add), mother to two "stars" in the Nativity pageant, dinner with family. Decent planning allowed "Santa" to turn in early! Pax!
Christmas morning greeted me with a beautiful movie made by my three boys. Their love for Wifey and Mommy, whether faked or not, turned me into puddles!!! It will be a gift I'll cherish forever! Christmas dinner, simple yet tasty, was enjoyed by dear friends (A & S) and family.
Our New Year's celebration is anticipated to be a wonderful event as well! Our dear friends from FL (J, E & I) are coming up for a short, but sweet, visit!!! We haven't been together in forever!!! A & C (their last New Year's as single people) will be joining us as well!! I cannot wait!! I am looking forward to the friendship, food and fun!!
The nail biting will begin after the guests have left and we begin to prepare for school. How many positions will be cut? Which positions will be cut? Will I be able to go back to the classroom, or will the music positions be cut as well? Am I going to be able to pay down my debt, the bills, etc.? My faith is wrestling with reality, hence the sleepless nights! My faith is saying that God will get us through, as He always does. My sense of reality, along with the gloom and doom messages from our superintendent, is saying, "The End is Near!"
I'm trying to remain positive, yet productive. I hope to start my trainer training in April. I'm also putting my family on day-to-day austerity. We need to pay down our debts and start saving for that rainy day. President Obama (forget the "elect" part) is banking on hope. I guess if he can do it, so can I...... Dona Nobis Pacem!