Thursday, February 26, 2009

Angels vs. Demons

My little JOR is truly an old soul. A dear friend of mine came over tonight for a visit. She had a coughing spell (probably due to the dust breeding in the house). Unbeknownst to any of us, the little angel pulled a chair over to the freezer, filled a cup with ice and cold water and surprised my friend with a class of water. He makes us proud!


SRR continues to make us laugh!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Me of Little Faith!

Another restless night. Very little sleep. People perceive integrators as "useless". Possible job loss. How am I going to pay the bills? I need to convert that DVD to WMV and no software to do it. Would I be allowed to use a blog with the students? OMG, I'm scheduled to run 3 miles today, after missing two trainings while sick. Didn't have much time to practice the music for choir. Do I have enough points for dinner?

Meanwhile, God laughs....

Worked a 10 hour day. Screw perception, I was too busy! Money was "found" in the budget, maybe some jobs saved. Got an e-mail request to cover for another church organist (grocery money for a week). Got another e-mail about another possible part-time job. Went to the main tech. center and lo and behold, there's a piece of software there that converted my videos. Blog might be approved for student use. Survived my sniffly, snotty 3 mile run, under 38 minutes, with no lung capacity whatsoever! Got through choir rehearsal, thanks to guitar chords! Dinner is over and I still have 4 points left over.

When will I learn?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick Haiku

I hate being sick!
Stuffy, runny nose, no sleep
Need energy now!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Let the cuts begin....

Non-instructional staffing
$11,939,250 reduction
22.8% of total reduction
30 deans/AAs
$1,902,200 • eliminate all deans at high schools and all administrative
assistants at middle schools
35 integrators/MCAs
$2,478,800 • reduce integrators from
55 to 30
and eliminate
10 microcomputer analysts
11 math/literacy coaches
$806,000 • eliminate the 8 math coaches
and 3 literacy coaches
7 support services
$490,900 • eliminate 2 social workers,
4 psychologists and
1 educational diagnostician
38 elementary secretaries
$1,235,000 • eliminate an 11-month secretary from each elementary school
31 facilities positions
$1,955,350 • eliminate 31 positions and custodial/trades overtime
3 library clerks
$408,700 • convert all library clerks to lib-rary aides, providing 1 at each elementary
3 elementary APs
$232,200 • eliminate additional assistant principal at schools with 900 students
5 special education coordinators
$323,600 • eliminate special education coordinators at 5 elementary schools
23.5 administration
$2,106,500 • eliminate 23.5 positions
and cut $389,000 more from administrative departments
Classroom resources
$1,358,400 reduction
2.6% of total reduction
School allocations
$875,000 • reduce all budgets by 20%
Special education
$150,000 • reduce special education
per teacher allocation
Specialty centers
$118,200 • reduce specialty center
per student allocation
Program changes
$215,200 • eliminate elementary
IB program, delay elementary world language expansion, reduce music equipment purchase and repair

Then the hatchet came down on the "instructional" areas:

Instructional staffing
$15,724,600 reduction
30.1% of total reduction
111.4 teachers in grades K-12
$6,036,400 • an increase of 1 student per teacher in grades K-12
64 instructional aides
$1,233,700 • provide an average of 4 instructional aides per elementary school
58.5 reading teachers
$3,755,500 • eliminate additional reading teacher initiative begun in FY 2008
47 pool positions
$2,215,300 • eliminate 37 general education teachers, 5 special education teachers and 5 special education aides from the vacancy pool
12.8 ESOL teachers
$646,400 • reduce ESOL staffing to required SOQ levels
28.1 instructional positions
$840,600 • eliminate differentiated funding at 5 schools (21.5 aides, 3.6 teachers, 3 other positions) and materials
17 instructional positions
$996,700 • eliminate some exceptions to staffing standards (3 assistant principals,
2 administrative assistants,
11.6 teachers, 0.4 librarian)
Non-classroom programs
$5,987,300 reduction
11.5% of total reduction
Support programs
$1,771,500 • reduce funding for safety net programs, eliminate central specialty center funds, eliminate grants to high schools for vending loss, eliminate playground equipment funding, reduce freshman transition funding, eliminate
K-2 math workbooks, reduce secondary field trip allocations
$514,700 • eliminate AP tests funding and majority of funding for industry certification tests
$511,100 • eliminate elementary lead teacher stipend and reduce summer secondary stipends
Department budgets
$2,340,000 • reduce by 20 percent, eliminate funding for policy support
Tuition reimbursement
$850,000 • eliminate tuition reimbursement

Since when did I become "Non-instructional"? I spend my early mornings and late afternoons training teachers on what's available on the technological front and in between these sessions I'm working with students and teachers, integrating technology into the learning process.

I don't know which is the most insulting: being deemed "non-instructional" or possibly losing my 21st century job in this, the 21st century.