Sunday, April 26, 2009


This poor plant. It was buried under wet leaves. When I finally got to raking last weekend, this little plant caught my eye. It was bright green at the top and ready to thrive once the heaviness of wet, dead foliage had been lifted.

I can relate to this plant. For about four months, I have been suffocating under the heaviness of uncertainty: downsizing, finances, etc. While suffocating, I managed to grow, or shall I say grow up: questioning unnecessary spending, cutting back of "frills", being more frugal, finding ways to save money, and so on. Surprisingly, I have turned out a better person because of this heaviness. It has helped me to thrive and survive while being buried.

Luckily, it is good fortune that I have my position one more year. I am going to milk it for it's worth, personally, professionally and financially. Learning all that I can, growing all that I can, saving all that I can will help me survive like that poor plant. The wet leaves of doubt have given way to the sunshine that is HOPE. It is now that I also hope for the following:
-that EG's health continues to improve!
-that JG's employment status solidifies and her stress level diminishes. Enough already!
-that MGR figures out his academic future. Too many talents, too little time!
-that JOR and SRR continue to be the happy, healthy kids I adore!!
-that my siblings are doing well! I miss them!
-that my colleagues are in good places next year!
-that the children with whom I had the honor to work this week continue to show their gifts and talents on and off the stage. They are awesome young people!!!

Coda about that poor plant: it had to meet Mr. Lawn Mower. Let's hope my similarities to the plant end before that.....