Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thrivin', not survivin'! A three month check up....

The last post of 2010 was a pledge to get out of "surviving" mode and into "thriving" mode. I've made great strides in accomplishing this. To wit:
-Taking action on hard, but necessary, decisions about finances. (Thank you Andy Andrews.)
-Enjoying my extra jobs because: A)They are fun! and B)The money is going toward vacation!
-Accepting that I can only be at one place at one time, especially at work.
-Reaching my 40 pound weight loss goal. Ten more to be at WW Lifetime goal.
-Working out, but not as much as I'd like....
-Brave enough to say, "Wife / Mommy needs a time out!"
-Reaping the benefits of aforementioned "time out": more civil, organized, healthy, "with it!" Wife / Mommy.
-Regularly taking my rhodiola. Gotta love those adaptagens!
-Loving life and life is good! Having a "Gratitude Attitude" really helps me get through the rough moments in life.

So there you have it. Three months of thriving: smiling, accepting, loving, forgiving,!

While I have a long way to go in this personal growth journey, I know that I am starting to be the person I want to be. I may not be perfect, but that's OK. I'm me.

If any of you have any tidbits of advice to pass on, I'm all ears!

Until next time....thrive away!

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